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PAPER BOAT PROJECTS: I recycle the pages of current, mainstream art magazines by folding them into paper boats and signing the bow. This gives them new identity as artifacts.

They wouldn't last long floating on water, but grouped on a gallery floor they seem to indicate a current. On an acrylic mirror they are reflected as if in water.

100 Boats

Detail, Boats Reflected

Wall art that I have drawn and painted referencing the boats can be installed with the boat arrangements on acrylic mirrors. This challenges spatial boundaries visually as the wall art reflects around the boats.

InstalledCurrent, installation 80" H x 30" W x 96" D

Viewers are invited to take a boat and/or make a boat. As this changes the arrangement on the mirror, the viewers become participants in the project design

The mirror on the floor with paper boats suspended in a grid above it provides a new set of spatial experiences.

RegattaRegatta, Installation suspended, 10'H x 30"W x 8'Long.

Mainstream Mainstream, Instalation with oil paintings, 80" H x 96" W x 30" D
Two oil paintings, Boat House 36" x 36" and Crossing the River, 36" x 48" are in this installation.
If Installations
Detail from "If" Installation, tagged "If only I could dance".
IfIf, installation of recycled puppet dolls and drawings, 10' wide, 8' high, 2' deep, 2010.

Using recycled 12" dolls, mirrors, and drawings, "If" asks the question, "What if...".,

Each puppet is tagged with a wish such as, "If only I were as slim and shapely as a doll". It reflects on our aspirations and expectations, however unrealistic they are. This is the 2009 installation.

Two Views

"Bonescape", a graphite drawing 38" H x 6' W is installed with silhouette figures drawn and painted in recycled carboard boxes discarded by soda machine vendors. The felt figures on the floor echo specific boxes on the walls. The installation size and space is variable to place designated.

People pass in and out of our lives. Some remain close in spirit despite distance or death. Some may be recalled only as shadows and others completely forgotten.



is a group of chairs assembled as place for people to sit, to see, and to be part of the exhibit.

Faux cast shadows of the chairs are painted on the floor in a gray value slightly different from the floor color. Viewers are surprised that their own shadows are not part of the floor shadows.

I consider chairs to be metaphors for people. They are objects that can convey varied meanings when included in a drawing or painting. In my work they sometimes represent me.

The vintage chairs from my family history remind me of the people with whom I shared them.

Audience, varied chairs

"History Chair"

historyChair      hchair

"History Chair" is an ordinary chair transformed into an art object. Some messages on the chair are:
"Do Not Sit Here"This is Not a Chair"This is a Memory".